What Is Programmatic SEO? Pros, Cons & More!

Programmatic SEO (pSEO) is the process of creating helpful and unique content at scale using templates and datasets. But does it require programming knowledge? Absolutely not! You can easily build one with a WordPress plugin and an Excel sheet.

Since I am not a programmer myself, I will not discuss building programmatic SEO websites using any programming language. Instead, I will focus on no-code pSEO sites and touch briefly on low-code websites (provided by ChatGPT).

How to Build a Programmatic SEO Website?

You can build a pSEO website on WordPress using:

  • WP All Import Plugin
  • Python
  • PHP, and more

If you want to learn how to build pSEO sites without code or with a little bit of code, I highly recommend the Practical Programmatic SEO course.

Practical Programmatic SEO

Practical Programmatic is a complete course that teaches you everything you need to get started building programmatic SEO projects – with code, no code, or AI content.